STORM: Interview with Klas Lund #3 [ENG]

This is the third episode of STORM’s interview with Klas Lund. The topics in this part of the interview are:

00:57 – Origins of Covid-19 and theories about this
08:45 – Spread of the virus to the rest of the world and the reactions to it
26:47 – Klas Lund’s early statements about Covid-19 and
37:15 – Change in narrative from “2 weeks to flatten the curve” to infinity boosters and mandatory vaccination
52:56 – Why do people get vaccinated against Covid-19 and what is the purpose of vaccine passports? How have the masses reacted?
01:07:48 – People calling the system “fascists” or “nazis” for implementing forced vaccinations and restrictions.
01:12:56 – The government forces vaccination, but does not give advice to become more healthy. Why?
01:18:18 – Are vaccines in general a good thing? (Dysgenics of medicine)
01:22:28 – What does Covid-19 and all the measures mean for us as revolutionaries?